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​​​​​​SPARK Document Tagger

SPARK Document Tagger is an Office Add-in and a part of the SPARK Workflow Document Generation activity. It enables the workflow designer to create custom documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF with data dynamically merged from tagged templates stored in SharePoint.

Use SPARK Document Tagger to add tags to templates for generating documents, these tags are mapped to workflow variables and data such as columns, tables and images available in the workflow or SharePoint in general. The add-in loads these data when you open the document template from SPARK Workflow Document Generation Activity.

This add-in can be used to create templates that will be used by SPARK Workflow product to build workflows that include automatically generated documents.

SPARK Document Generation



  1. ​Office 365 Word, Excel,​ and PowerPoint online applications or Office 2013 desktop editions or later versions 

  2. SPARK Workflow Enterprise edition ​​

  3. Document Generation Activity​​ ​​​