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​​ Paper is a painful, costly part of any business. Physical workflows and file cabinets slow down productivity and cause massive losses and inefficiency. SharePoint is a logical storage point for many businesses, and with SPARK Document Scanning, you can easily scan your content to SharePoint Online or On-Premise with minimal effort.


SPARK Document Scanning is a powerful tool for scanning or composing documents from existing physical files and attaching/uploading them to SharePoint libraries or lists items as images or multi-page document file formats, i.e. PDF and TEXT. This great tool enables the user to connect directly to his/her document scanning or image capturing devices that support WIA or TWAIN drivers, running them to capture physical documents or images, and retrieving captured documents streams in order to save them in SharePoint Document Library or attach them to a list item.

With the easy-to-use interface of SPARK Document Scanning, your employees will be able to scan documents right away allowing you to save on training your staff. The captured images can be edited on the fly using SPARK Image Editor, in order to correct any issue with them, or edit/add certain aspects to these images before converting them into an attached file.

​​​​​​​ General Key Features​

  • Fully integrated With SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365.
  • Fully integrated with SPARK Forms Builder and SPARK Workflow.
  • Scan Documents and upload them directly to your documents libraries.
  • Scan Documents and attach them directly to your list items.
  • OCR (convert image to text) 6 languages (Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Dutch and Spanish)
  • Create a searchable PDF file format, that contains recognized text through the OCR engine, the file contents will be searchable in SharePoint and in the PDF viewers as well.​
  • Barcode recognition
  • Saving pages as Single documents (PNG/JPEG/BMP) OR Multi-pages documents (PDF/PDF Searchable/TEXT)
  • Regular and Quick Scan modes
  • Document Zonal Feature: Which enables the user to create fully automated document recognition templates, in order to read document data a​nd save these data to the library columns in the SharePoint site without any human interaction. All this will be generated automatically once the user scans a document and select its compatible template. This feature is empowered by AI and OCR technology.
  • Advanced compression technologies to enable the best document quality with the smallest file size
  • All types of Windows-compatible scanners: simple desktop and professional scanners with feeders, local-connected (USB), and network-connected (IP) scanners.
  •  All major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).
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