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SPARK Forms Builder gives you the power, the ability, and the flexibility to create any kind of interactive form quickly & easily, for SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, SE, and Office 365.

You can create simple or complex forms, integrate with external data sources such as external LoB or databases, respond to tasks, make calculations and sophisticated operations, develop nested repeated tables and linking lists as master-details views, create multi-views or multi-lingual forms, send emails, utilize user profile services, and other tons of great features.

Build Any Type of Form

The types of forms you can create with SPARK are only limited to your imagination. ​​For example Admission, Appointment, Application, Booking, Budget, Evaluation, Medical Records, Lab reports, Complaint Contact, Invoices, Payments, Registration, Send emails, Support, Surveys, Tasks forms, and any kind of form you could think of …

Style forms to match your design

​You will have all the power to customize your forms to drive interaction with your target and reach business objectives faster. You can use one of ready to use templates or build your form template with just a drag-and-drop in real-time​, no need to write a single line of code, you can personalize your form template easily by applying your own brand, be unique and distinguish and style your forms to match your environment theme design Style. ​

Style forms to match your design