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SPARK Forms Builder

There are no limits with SPARK !

SPARK forms builder allows users, designer and SharePoint admins to easily build highly professional forms in SharePoint platform simply by placing a rich set of drag/drop controls in a user-friendly editor which let them also controlling and configuring the control’s properties, style, validations, rules and formats and publishing these forms to SharePoint lists and libraries by just a click. learn more...

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SPARK forms builder

Works on all SharePoint platforms !!

SPARK enables users to build and design efficient and effective web forms for SharePoint on premise and office 365 environments, it works on SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 and supports external data integration, multilingual – multi-views forms and it is considered as an InfoPath alternative. learn more...

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​ ​T​ry these great solutions on your own farm or get an access to our virtua​l demo environment and start your evaluation instantly.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​ ​ ​ SPARK Doc​ument Tagger​

a special​​ add-in to create custom documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF with data dynamically ​merged from tagged templates stored in SharePoint.​

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​SPARK LazyApproval Feature

Avilable for on-premise and office 365 as well.​
​​Enables taking decision/action for assigned tasks such as approvals or rejections, by simply replying  to the notification email.
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SPARK Workflow

SPARK Workflow is a business process management tool for SharePoint that enables business users to quickly and seamlessly design and build out processes from the simple one to the more complex processes.
SPARK Workflow provides an affordable solution for any sized business and at an affordable and rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) price point.

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SPARK Reports Builder

Create simple to complex reports and dashboards based on data from a variety of data sources such as SharePoint lists/libraries, SQL Server and Oracle databases. Schedule running your reports and export their output data to SharePoint libraries as PDF, CSV, Excel and Word files. learn more...

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SPARK Document Scanning

SPARK Document Scanning is a powerful tool for scanning or composing documents from existing physical files and attaching/uploading them to SharePoint libraries or lists items as images or multi-pages document’s files formats, i.e. PDF and TEXT.

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Add-ins & Special Features

LazyApproval Feature

The LazyApproval feature of SPARK Workflow enables taking decision/action for assigned tasks such as approvals or rejections, when the user replies to the notification email.

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Document Generation

Generate Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents easily without the need to write any line of code, and merge these documents with SharePoint lists/libraries properties

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SPARK Document Scanning

Scan documents and attach them directly to your form, also you can activate the OCR internal engine to recognize the text and create searchable PDF file to be crawled in SharePoint search engine.

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Nested Repeaters

Create nested repeaters in your form and integrate them into other lists in two minutes, using SPARK Forms

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SPARK Workflow Snippets & Templates

Save parts of the workflow as snippets and use these snippets in other workflow easily by dragging and dropping them

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Zonal and Document Automation

The Zonal feature is a tool to automate the collecting of data from scanned images/pages and inserting them into specified columns in the document library

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Create Anonymous Forms For Office 365

Create public forms to be accessed by anonymous users outside your tenant and integrate them to your office 365 SharePoint lists and libraries

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Conditional Workflow Start Using SPARK Workflow

Use this feature in order to run workflow based on complex condition rules. it'll start automatically when creating or updating a list item if the conditions are met.

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Create and Edit SPARK Workflow Task Form

Customize the default SPARK Workflow task from using SPARK Forms Builder in a few minutes. Remove, add controls from the tasks list to the task from, redesign it, and more ...

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SPARK has been developed to provide users with ability to create any type of forms regarding the form complexity. Read more

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SPARK Forms Builder and SPARK Workflow are now fully supporting SharePoint Server 2019 and providing more features and capabilities to this great new platform Read more

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Case Study

Case Study-Bolivia Minis​try of Justice

Ministry of Justice intend to decrease daily manual operations and procedures by developing all operational forms and processes using SPARK Forms Builder and SharePoint WF. Read more

Case Study-Healthca​re Belgium

Healthcare Belgium has chosen SPARK as a Forms Builder software for Office 365 with user-friendly interface and zero installation or maintenance to be implemented. Read more

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